Quayyum Raja Welcomes Washington Kashmir Conference

KASHMIR : Diplomatic head of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Liberation Front’s AJK chapter Quayyum Raja has welcomed Washington Conference on Jammu Kashmir scheduled for 11th of November.

Dalas-based JKLF’s senior leader Raja Muzaffar is flying to Washington, where he will be joined by former prime minister of Azad Kashmir, Raja Farooq Haider Khan, among others. Farooq Hiader has gone via London specifically to attend the conference, which will discuss the best way forward.

Farooq Siddique from Canada, Raja Muzaffar and Altaf Qadri have been active diplomatically for many years under the banner of Kashmir Global Council. KGC was supposed to hold an international conference two years ago. All arrangements had been finalized but it was postponed due to Covid 19. Now that life is slowly getting back to normal, KGC has begun to restore its Diplomatic and Political activities. The conference will be attended by various American experts to South Asia, where an opening speech will be made by former American diplomat Mr. Mervin, who is the Director of Pak-Afghan Studies.

Raja Muzaffar and Quayyum Raja have urged Pakistani government to support the independent narrative of Jammu bank Kashmir without which the world is unlikely to pay heed to Kashmir Case as no one sees any solution through bilateralism. They said that the first democratic president of Azad Kashmir, K. H. Khursheed had made the same suggestion five decades ago. Had Pakistani government supported K. H. Khursheed’s proposal, we would not have lost over a million innocent lives nor would India and Pakistan have wasted billions on weapons that could have been used for the betterment of the people of India and Pakistan.