A pro unity political Kashmiri leader and a writer Quayyum Raja has welcomed an initiative taken in Iran by a number of thinkers of the region in order to unite the Nations of the Heart of Asia.

The meeting was held in Iran on 6 of May where the Secretary General of the Movement Seydeh Tahmineh Mozsffari outlined the program of the Movement. The Conference was addressed among others by Dr. Mohibullah Nouri, Dr. Amir Hussain Nourbaksh and a Mashid based Iranian politician Mr. Feredon Zandadel.

The proponents of the idea argued that it was a need of the hour to unite the region to prevent incessant invasions and exploitation of the region by imperialists. Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistsn were once parts of Iran. Afghanistan was separated from Iran by the British Empire a result of war with Iran’s Qajar Dynasty that lasted from 11.01.1856 till 04.04.1857. As usual, the British created a collaborator who was the Amir of the city of Herat who rebelled against Iran and sought protection from the British Empire in India.

Another powerful Iranian neighbor Russia exploited the situation and separated Tajikistan and Turkmenistan from Iran. Since then the region has been in turmoil. Politics has completely changed since the second world war. While the Europeans used to fight each other to snatch colonies from each other, they have now united with America to exploit other regions, particularly the Middle East and Asia. Unless these regions unite themselves, they have no future for a long time to come. No country seems to have done more than Pakistan for America and its Western allies, but there is always a demand to “do more.” The Pakistani passport is rated increasingly low in the world only due to the so called American War of terrorism.

Quayyum Raja said that here in Kashmir, we strongly support the initiative on Regional Unity as well as the idea of Muslim Unity and a common Muslim Market discussed in Malaysia Islamic Summit two years ago necessary for the stability and balance of power in the world required for peace and justice in the world. Quayyum Raja further suggests that none of the issues faced by the Muslims World such as Palestine, Jammu Kashmir, Middle East and North Africa are ever going to be resolved unless the Muslims resolve both their regional and religious conflicts, which are exploited by the anti Islamic forces.