Quayyum Raja urges leading Muslim countries to hold a Peace Summit.

KHOIRATTA : Commenting on Statistical Risk Assessment of violence in the Muslim World, a Kashmiri Political and Human Rights activist, Quayyum Raja, who is also a columnist, has urged the leading Muslim countries to hold a Peace Summit as soon as possible.

The statistics have been collected and released by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum at the outset of the year 2022 The summit should address the causes of violence in the Muslim World and the methods to prevent it.

Peace is not going to come about by itself, but by serious efforts, says Quayyum Raja. He suggests that a Joint Research Initiative is needed by the Muslim countries to identify the causes of violence and strategy to prevent it. The solution has to come from within, not outside. He has also urged the Muslim writers, thinkers, educationist, peace activists and human rights activist to play their role.