Punjabi Sufi Poet & Scholar

Lahore: The Unique & matchless voice of Punjabi poetry “Qaswar Mubarak Butt ” left the soul of resistance behind before his departure on 14th, December 2022.

Sources confirmed that Qaswar Butt is the poet of the modern classic tradition of the Punjabi Language. His diction remained unmatched with respect to his contemporary poets. This has caused too much distress in the camp of state-owned literary dwarfs as they can’t reach the epitome of his craft & thoughts.

A poet of Ganji Bar with the blend of Indus /Harrapa Civilization has played his role through his verses to enrich the modern literature of his mother tongue. A political activist & voice of resilience, magical mysticism & resistance even in the era of dictatorship has many folds of his craft & life which will be unfolded by the true critiques & researchers and will open new horizons of literary supremacy of Punjabi.