Presidential Election Austria 2022: Alexander Van Der Bellen Re-Elected

VIENNA: Presidential Election Austria 2022: Alexander Van der Bellen was re-elected as President in the first ballot of the 2022 federal presidential election and won the absolute majority, which meant that there was no run-off election. 6,363,489 Austrians were called on Sunday to elect a (new) Federal President. 

In Presidential Election Austria,The numbers in similar projections by ARGE Wahlen, SORA and OGM: Van der Bellen comes to 55 to 56 percent, Walter Rosenkranz to around 18 percent. Dominik Wlazny and Tassilo Wallentin are buzzing around around eight percent, Gerald Grosz should reach almost six percent, MFG boss Michael Brunner a good two percent, shoe manufacturer Heinrich Staudinger almost two percent. Voter turnout was around two-thirds.

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Incidentally, Van der Bellen will officially start his second term on January 26, 2023. Alexander Van der Bellen will continue to hold the office of Austrian Federal President after the 2022 election. His six challengers were Walter Rosenkranz from the FPÖ and former BZÖ politician Gerald Grosz . The head of the Beer Party, Dominik Wlazny (known as Marco Pogo) and the founder of the anti-vaccination party MFG , Michael Brunner , also ran . The creator of the “Waldviertler shoes” Heinrich Staudinger and ex-“Krone” columnist Tassilo Walentin also applied for the office of Federal President. However, Van der Bellen was re-elected in the first ballot with an absolute majority.
Van der Bellen: 56.3 percent
Walter Rosencrantz: 17.8 percent
Tassilo Wallentin: 8.5 percent
Dominik Wlazny: 8.3 percent
Gerald Grosz: 5.5 percent
Michael Brunner: 2.2 percent
Heinrich Staudinger: 1.5 percent