President of Liberland Met with President of Croatia During
Both the head's of states shared many common perspectives on world affairs

President of Republic of Liberland H.E Vít Jedlička Shaked hands with the President of the Republic of Croatia H.E Zoran Milanović, in Zagreb during the conference “Connecting the Doers” by the Association of Croatian American Professionals (ACAP).

Both the head’s of states shared many common perspectives on world affairs. Sharing the experience of meeting on social media, President Vit said “I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and shaking hands with the President of Croatia, Zoran Milanović, in Zagreb. We share many common perspectives on world affairs”.

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He said ” he (Zoran Milanović) is my favorite president currently in power in Europe. I believe he recognizes the huge potential Liberlanders can bring to the whole region”.

While talking about the conference H.E President Vit said “I also love the motto of the ACAP association above our heads saying “Connecting the Doers”. Let’s build a better future together”.

“Special thanks to ACAP for organizing the event where our delegation could meet some of the most important stakeholders in Croatia”. he added.

President Vit said “I am currently enroute to the United Nations headquarters in New York, where I have been honored with the distinction of receiving a Humanitarian Award by the Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research and the Humanitarian Focus Foundation for my efforts in public policy and diplomacy”.