By: Muhammad Amir Siddique (Vienna Austria)

Politics has its place, but we as Pakistanis should think of the country first, be it politicians or general populace, everyone has to think about Pakistan beyond everything. But unfortunately, personal interests are explicitly characterizing the current political environment in Pakistan.

Pakistan political landscape is witnessing the phenomena of blind following wherein everyone is pursuing its own political idol ship irrespective of the national interest at fore. And eventually our political leaders are leveraging this blind support for their vested interest and have become political gods in themselves.

In Pakistan, it has become a popular trend that the moment political parties joins the opposition benches they started criticizing and targeting the institutions particularly Armed Forces of Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan is passing through the extreme crunch and unprecedented situation especially at its economic front primarily owing to perpetual political turmoil and instability. At one end, economy is at brink of collapse and on the other end, political dilemma is at its peak which is in-fact adding fuel to the fire.

Alongside, the Pak Army, a linchpin and key pillar of the state is being targeted with malafide intentions, undue criticism, propagation of dis-info campaigns and trolls on social media, even on Shuhadas for political mileage. A very unfortunate situation wherein own prime institutions are being unduly maligned, in nutshell, we are creating holes in our own boat and we have gone too far in political idolatry for the sake of our political masters. A person who loves the country, cannot even imagine to criticize its institution in a negative way because it is directly proportionate to weaken the country and undermining the national will besides paving the way for getting ruined due to one’s own actions and serving the adversary’s interest.

Our political masters are doing nothing but sowing seeds for societal and political polarization and resultantly hatredness is superseding the account of patience. Political bitterness has increased to such an extent that a person cannot even talk to his family/ friends properly as every person is carrying so much hatred within himself because politicians are promoting political idolatry for their personal glory in the guise of national interest.

The line of hatred being drawn between the Armed Forces and the people is a global conspiracy under the ambit of hybrid warfare. The unfortunate part is that our own people, blinded in political idolatry are becoming unwitting conduit of anti Pakistan forces through fomenting the anti Pak Army campaign on social media. The Pak Army is being tagged for evils, derogatory comments and negative posts while even efforts also made to incite the ranks for mutiny.

The strength of any state depends on the strength of its institutions thus a protection guarantee is also accorded in the constitution. Speaking/ insulting the country’s institutions including the Pakistan Army is a violation of Articles 243, 244 and 245 of the constitution. A bill dealing with defamation of the Armed Forces, The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2020, after amending the Pakistan Penal Code 1860 and the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898, provides that any person found guilty may be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with a fine which may extend to five lakhs of rupees.

The current economic situation of the country is at the edge of the abyss which warrants internal stability that can best be guaranteed through political stability. Furthermore, criticizing the armed forces, defaming it, spreading hatred against it or inciting against the leadership is a heinous act and is further pushing the country towards slump and warrants strong condemnation as the institutions should not be harmed for political scoring. For patriots, Pakistani always comes first beyond any biases.

Let us all hope and pray to Allah Almighty in this Holy Month of Ramdan that grant Pakistan a unity, stability, prosperity besides due strength to its institution.