Indian PM Moodi in Kashmir , Blast Before his Arrival

Indian PM Narendra Moodi‘s visit to Kashmir , Blast has taken place in the valley before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moodi reached Samba district of occupied Kashmir.

According to Indian media, this is the first visit of PM Moodi to the occupied valley after the repeal of Article 370.

On the other hand, according to Kashmir Media Service (KMS), an explosion took place in Jammu shortly before Narendra Moodi’s visit. The blast took place 12 km away from Moodi’s rally site.

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On the occasion of the visit of the Indian Prime Minister, there is a complete strike in occupied Kashmir while the occupying administration has turned the valley into a military cantonment.

Due to the arrival of Narendra Moodi, a large number of Indian troops and police personnel have been deployed in the occupied valley while special cameras are also being used to monitor the movement.