Pilgrimage of GOD : Seyed Hossein Hosseiniseddiq

By: Seyed Hossein Hosseiniseddiq 

Nasrollah Sichouni was one of the benefactors, believers and shopkeepers of the caravanserai of Masjed-e-Soliman city that is located in south west of Iran, who had secluded 40 days and nights to visit GOD.

He was fasting during the day and praying at night. And he was supplicating to God.
Any way, he was in seclusion or i’tikaaf and kept away from people.On the night of the 36th, he heard a voice saying: At 6 pm, go to the Shushtariha’s Bazaar, Reza Zadeh coppersmith’s shop, and there you will visit God.

Nasrollah Sichouni was present in Shushtariha’s Bazaar (coppersmiths Bazaar) from 5 pm and was looking for a shop in the alleys of the Bazaar.  “I saw an old woman holding a copper cauldron and showing it to the coppersmiths,” he says. She wanted to sell it. She would show it to each coppersmith, weigh it and say: 4 Rials (Iranian currency) and 20 Shahi (a name for Iranian currency old change) The old woman said: Can’t you buy 6 Rials?

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The coppersmiths said: No, mother, it does not cost us more than this amount. The old woman put the pot on her head and spun it in the market, and everyone was paying the same price.

Finally she reached exactly the coppersmith which I had to go. The coppersmith was busy with his work when the old woman said: I brought this pot for sale, I am selling it for 6 Rials, and do you have a purchase? The coppersmith asked why 6 Rials? The old woman began to speak and said: I have a sick son, the doctor has written a prescription for him that costs 6 Rials!

The coppersmith took the cauldron and said: This cauldron is healthy and very expensive. It is a pity to sell, but if you are insistent, I will buy it for 25 Rials! The old woman said: Are you kidding me? “Never,” said the coppersmith. He took the pot and put 25 Rials in the old woman’s hand. The old woman, who was greatly surprised; while was thankful left the coppersmith shop and hurried home.

Nasrollah Sichouni said: I, who was watching the incident and had forgotten the time of the meeting, crawled in the coppersmith shop and said:

Uncle, do you seem to know no business? Most of the coppersmiths in the market weighed this pot and did not pay more than 4 Rials and 20 Shahi then you buy it for 25 Rials? The old coppersmith said: I did not buy a pot!

I paid to buy her child’s prescription, I paid to take care of her child for a week, I paid her not to sell the rest of her furniture, and I did not buy a pot. I was very ashamed of what I said, I was thinking that suddenly A loud voice said:

No one will come to visit us just by fasting, praying and worshiping. Take the hand of the needy and raise it, we will come to your pilgrimage ourselves. “If you hold the hand of the miserable, then you are a man.”

*Dr. Seyedhossein Hosseiniseddiq is a Faculty Member at Islamic Azad University