Gwadar: The Balochistan government has introduced a modern system of monitoring of fishermen, after which Pakistan has become the first country in the region to monitor the modern system of fishing boats.

According to details, a modern system of monitoring fishermen in maritime boundaries has been introduced in Balochistan. The Chief Minister inaugurated a Fisheries Monitoring Center at Sarbandan.

Officials said the monitoring center would alert fishermen to maritime hazards and prevent them from entering foreign waters, while fishermen would be able to alert the monitoring center in case of an emergency.

According to officials, Pakistan has become the first country in the region to monitor fishing boats with a modern system. The Balochistan government has also fulfilled the requirement of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission.

On the occasion, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal said that the purpose of setting up the center is to protect the fishermen, the fishermen will now be able to warn in case of any difficulty while hunting, and illegal hunting will also be prevented.

According to the Fisheries Department, tractors are being installed in about 800 boats in the first phase of the project.

Officials say that the protection of rare fish will also be possible through the monitoring system. With the establishment of this center, Pakistan has fulfilled the conditions of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, after which Pakistan will also be able to receive aid.


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