“Our life is An Adventure”

Our life is an adventure,
Everyone knows our life is a game,
And about this without exception
It’s time to remind everyone.

Hours and minutes fly by,
The year changes the year.
Who is the creator, who is filled with troubles,
Only time goes forward.

Let’s paint life with living colors,
After all, everyone has their own role.
Someone hides his face under masks
From the haste of being.

Someone will suddenly reach for the star
While remaining yourself.
And hand after hand will stretch
Embracing the whole globe of the earth.

We will definitely meet again
And light will be shed on the earth.
Let the world change from this
By melting the ice of other planets!

Let the creative replace the strict,
We will be brighter and bolder.
Only together we can do a lot,
Only together a hundred times stronger!

 “Irina Shulgina”