ISLAMABAD: The opposition is all set to withdraw its no-confidence motion against the Deputy Speaker and the budget meeting agreed to set up a committee between the government and the opposition on the issue of commotion.

According to details, issues between the government and the opposition were settled in the budget session of the National Assembly on the issue of riots and protests. The government and the opposition agreed to set up a committee, after which the opposition was ready to withdraw the no-confidence motion against the deputy speaker.

Raja Pervez Ashraf said that the legislation made by the government by bulldozing the agenda will be returned, the committee will review the legislation.

Earlier, Defense Minister Pervez Khattak had said that it was recommended to form a committee for the National Assembly session. A good meeting was held. The National Assembly session went smoothly. We all condemn what happened in the National Assembly. We want it. Yes, the Speaker should be empowered, it has been agreed not to use abusive language, no noise, it has been decided that the members should not get up from their seats.