USA: Virtual education is extremely dangerous to the mental health of children and parents, US researchers have revealed that parents of children receiving online education can not cope with the effects of the global epidemic.

As Corona took over the world, most shopping malls, government agencies, and private companies changed the way they worked online, and with it the system around the world changed and became virtual.

Online classes are now available around the world, but researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have discovered that virtual education is dangerous for children and parents.

U.S.A. researchers report 17 risks to children and parents from online education

Researchers say that 25% of children who are receiving virtual education suffer from emotional health problems.

Compared to 54% of parents whose children studied online reported emotional stress, 38% of parents whose children studied in-person did not experience any such problems.

The researchers said that the fathers of children receiving virtual education face difficulties in sleeping and also face challenges while on the job.

According to US researchers, the negative effects of online education on the health of parents of children, they can not control the effects of the global epidemic, while their mental and physical disorders will also suffer.