LAHORE   –   Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan Reza Amiri Moghaddam Sunday urged the Muslim countries to support Palestine saying that non-Muslim countries had united against the Muslims. Addressing the seminar organized on the occasion of the third anniversary of Allama Syed Niaz Hussain Naqvi, the former Vice President of Al-Madaris al-Shi’a, held at Jamia Al-Muntazar and later talking to the media, the Iranian ambassador said that Iran had helped Palestinian Muslims in all respects since the illegal creation of Israel. He said that Palestinians continued to get support from Iran, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq and it was time that other Muslim countries should also stand with the Palestinians. “Israel will end, not Palestine”, he warned, adding that if America had not patronized Israel, it would have been over in two hours. The Iranian ambassador said that it was the victory of the resistance movement that despite the extensive intelligence network, Israel did not even know about the October 7 Hamas attack. “Iran will continue to support the entire Muslim community, including the Palestinian brothers.
Other Worthy Speakers shared their feelings also.

Ayatollah Hafiz Syed Riaz Hussain Naqvi further said that when the late Allama Qazi Niaz entered the Judiciary, many of his close friends advised him to go into the field of Ijtihad, but since Imam Khomeini had said that we need scholars in the Judiciary. Engaged in the field of judgment and in most areas of Iran he did the work of judgment in the best way۔

Quaid Millat Jafaria Allama Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi while addressing the seminar said that the gap created by the death of Allama Qazi Syed Niaz Hussain Naqvi will not be filled for a long time. We are commemorating him at a time when the presence of personalities possessing such immense abilities is the need of the times, however, efforts can be made to become a national voice by using these different aspects of his personality as a torch. This is also the way to pay tribute to the selfless and valuable services to take forward their struggle in various fields.

Senior religious scholar and commentator of Quran Allama Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi said that the death of Allama Qazi Syed Niaz Hussain Naqvi is a loss for us. He was a great personality. Hazrat Ayatollah Hafiz Syed Riaz Hussain Najafi was the arm of Sahib. I hope Qazi Syed Niaz Hussain Naqvi’s mission will be kept alive.

Liaqat Baloch, Deputy Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, while addressing the seminar, said that Allama Qazi Niaz Hussain Naqvi was a great researcher and intellectual, he had an excellent grasp of Islamic laws, and he rendered very important services as a judge in an Islamic country. Allama Qazi Niaz has served Islam and Muslims with great zeal in European countries including Iraq, Iran, Pakistan

Dr. Abbasi, Head of Jamiat Al-Mustafa Al-Alamiya, Hijjat-ul-Islam Wal-Muslimin, said that Allama Qazi Niaz Hussain Naqvi was an excellent and successful scholar in the field of knowledge and judgment. He has served the religion of Islam in different countries of the world, including Iran. Hussain Naqvi was the leader of the unity of Muslims in Pakistan.

Ayatollah Mohsin Faqihi, a religious scholar of Irani, while addressing the seminar, said that Allama Qazi Niaz Hussain Naqvi spent his blessed life in broadcasting and publishing the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and in political struggle. He was among the pioneers of strengthening the unity and unity between Islamic religions and among the influential and acceptable figures of the Shia and Sunni scholars of Pakistan. This sincere religious scholar has rendered valuable services to the Muslims of Pakistan, especially the Shias of this country, in various fields.

Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari, the head of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen, while addressing the seminar, said that Allama Qazi Niaz Hussain Naqvi was a very temperamental personality, his temperament was evident in his behavior and character. Allama Qazi Niaz Hussain Naqvi was a person who brought people together, he was in contact with everyone in Pakistan without any distinction and the Shia and Sunni scholars of Pakistan also liked him.


Allama Afzal Haidari, Secretary General of the Federation of Shia Schools of Pakistan, said that one of the people whom God Almighty bestowed with honor and dignity was the late Allama Qazi Niaz Hussain Naqvi. He was also a great scholar and intellectual