Libraries are incredibly important in our society – they provide access to knowledge, information, and resources that can help people succeed in their education, careers, and personal lives. Libraries also provide a valuable cultural resource by preserving and providing access to books, periodicals, and other works of art. By offering access to technology and other resources, libraries play an important role in closing the digital divide and also provide a safe and welcoming environment for people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library. “..

“Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library.”

Sheikh Rashid Library in Dubai is home to a vast array of literature from around the world. One of the most beloved collections housed within the library is the Treasure Book section, which features rare and valuable books that are either out of print or of a limited edition. These books are part of the library’s commitment to preserving the history of the written word.

Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Library is an institution founded with a broad mandate to nurture the spirit of learning, inspire a culture of reading and fuel creativity, the library was born to be dynamic and push boundaries.

Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid library play an important and increasing role in the preservation of Arabic literature, culture and heritage by providing public access to Arabic literary works, both modern and rare old texts, helping to encourage and support young Arabic writers and via their Arabic language publishing program.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is comprised of ten main library collections: The General Library, Young Adult Library, Children’s Library, Information Centre, Map and Atlas Library, Media and Arts Library, Business Library, Emirates Library, Periodicals Library and a Special Collections Library. In addition to physical collections, the library provides access to a wide variety of eBooks and other digital media.

Its audio book library is a fantastic resource for everyone and especially useful to the visually impaired or those with reading difficulties. In addition, they are developing a range of Braille books for the blind.

The Treasure Book section is a special collection of rare and valuable books, manuscripts, and artifacts that have been collected by librarians over the years. It includes works from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe and is a great source of knowledge and inspiration. The library also houses a large selection of modern and works, as well as both new and old editions. The treasure book section access is through free ticket / booking through Library website only. You can visit and only took pictures through your phone only. No flash cameras are allowed. Every manuscript has a QR code that open details of manuscript on your phone. The treasure book corner has a variety of emperor original books, the ottoman dip pens and holders, their books about Europe and other world is really a treasure that are surely helpful to conquer the world…

It also shows the oldest quranic manuscripts in Arabic, handwritten old saheefas and artwork with gold and paint around manuscript is amazingly beautiful.

I found two books in Urdu the dewan e Ghalib published in … And bal e Jibrael by dr Muhammad Iqbal published in ….

Muslim schoolers handwritten books on surgical instruments, geography, about weather, calendar is really eye opening.

Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid library value lifelong learning, innovation, creativity, happiness and knowledge for all. a modern library should be proactive, rather than passive, taking a message of learning and knowledge out to its community via multiple channels, programs and services.

The Sheikh Rashid Library is open to all members of the public, and visitors are welcome to browse the treasure book section. The library timing is Monday to Thursday from 9 am 9 pm and Friday is 2pm to 9 pm, Sunday off. Those interested in learning more about the collection can attend special events and lectures, which are held throughout the year. These events often include lectures by prominent scholars, book signings, and presentations about the library’s contemporary and collections.

Overall, the Treasure Book section of the Sheikh Rashid Library in Dubai is an invaluable resource for those seeking to learn more about literature from around the world. It is also a great place to find rare and valuable books, manuscripts, and other artifacts that are often difficult to find elsewhere.

Libraries play a pivotal role in a civilized society. They provide free access to information for all members of the public, regardless of socio-economic class. Libraries also foster a sense of community by providing a safe and welcoming environment for people to gather and exchange ideas.  Finally, libraries are important for preserving the culture of a region, providing access to local records, newspapers, and other historical documents. I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a Library.