Islamabad (Shahid Kazmi – PDM is facing serious problems while confronting PTI. PMLN is reconsidering PPP’s support to PDM. Chairman PDM Maulana Fazal ur Rehman is also on a way to make some strong decisions regarding current scenario.

According to sources, there is a strong opinion to kick out PPP from PDM Alliance. Maryam Nawaz is totally upset and not happy with PPP’s stance in Senate of Pakistan. She is on strong stance to separate ways from PPP in PDM and trying to convience Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman. Maulana is agreeing with MNS to separate ways from PPP as Bilawal failed to cooperate with PDM as was promised in an agreement with PDM alliance.

Recently Pakistan Peoples Party’s Senator Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani appointed Leader of the opposition at Senate of Pakistan. PDM’s stance was that the opposition leader of senate should be from PML_N while the PPP played double role in opposition leader’s matter in senate.

PPP’s candidate Syed Yousuf Raza gillani got signatures of 30 Senators on nomination paper and submitted the papers to Senate Secretariat, including Senators of ANP and JI. Major role played by the Senators of FATA, led by Senator Dilawar Hussain. Senator Dilawar Hussain further indicated to establish an Independent Parliamentary Group of Independent Senators in Senate of Pakistan.