Kabul: After occupying Kabul and establishing control over most of Afghanistan, the Taliban have expressed a desire to work with the international community.

Mohammad Naeem, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political office, told the Gulf news agency Al Jazeera that the war in Afghanistan was over and that the form of a new system of government in the country would soon be clear.

“Today, the Taliban have reaped the fruits of 20 years of struggle and sacrifice. The Taliban do not want to harm anyone. They are ready to talk to all Afghan leaders and will take every step responsibly,” he said. Ready to talk.

A Taliban spokesman said that no one would be allowed to use Afghan soil against anyone, adding that the Taliban would not interfere in the affairs of any other country and therefore wanted another Taliban spokesman. Having achieved the goal of liberating the people, ready to talk to all Afghan leaders and guarantee their safety, Ashraf Ghani was not expected to escape.