Islamabad : IMF spokeswoman Teresa Dubin Sanchez says the third wave of Corona could consider further deferment of Pakistan’s debt.

Addressing a seminar through WebNar in Islamabad, Tresad Bin, IMF Representative in Pakistan, said that it was the job of Parliament to increase tax revenue and to impose corona tax or wealth tax on corona expenses or not, it was necessary to limit tax exemption in Pakistan.

Teresa Dubin said that the basis of the program given to Pakistan is economic discipline, Pakistan must increase tax revenue and prevent tax evasion, stability in exchange rate is the second basis in monetary policy, more steps are needed to eradicate money laundering. Is.

He said that Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves need to be stabilized, energy reforms are the fourth basis for Pakistan, circular debt management must be done, necessary electricity rates must be increased, institutional reforms must be made, the SBP said. No dictation has been given on sovereignty, more funding can be given to Pakistan in the third wave of Corona.

The IMF representative said that before Corona, Pakistan’s economy was moving towards stability and the FATF targets were being implemented.