Lahore : The New Zealand cricket team has announced the abrupt end of its tour of Pakistan, citing security concerns, following which the series between the two teams has been postponed.

The start of the first ODI between Pakistan and New Zealand was delayed due to reports that the players may have been instructed to stay at the hotel due to Corona.
Then came the news that the match has been canceled due to security concerns, but now it has been confirmed that the New Zealand team has ended the tour of Pakistan and the reason given is security concerns.

It should be noted that the match was to start at 2.30 pm today. Fans have not yet been allowed inside the stadium.

Pakistan Cricket Board confirms postponement of series;
In this regard, the PCB has issued a statement saying that the New Zealand team has refused to play the series due to security concerns.

According to the PCB, the New Zealand Cricket Board today suddenly informed that they have received a security alert, so it has been decided to postpone the series unilaterally.

The PCB says it wants to continue the tour as scheduled, but New Zealand’s sudden unilateral decision has disappointed cricket fans.

New Zealand team barred from stadium due to security concerns;
According to a foreign news agency, the New Zealand team refused to come to the stadium for the first one-day match in Rawalpindi due to security concerns, after which the match was canceled.

According to the news agency, security officials, the PCB tried to persuade the New Zealand cricket team for several hours, but failed to convince the New Zealand team.

Prime Minister Imran Khan himself spoke to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on the issue and explained to her that our intelligence agencies are among the best in the world and in his opinion there is no threat to the New Zealand team. However, the Prime Minister of New Zealand requested that the visit be postponed in view of the precautionary policy.

Arrangements are being made for the return of the players, the New Zealand Cricket Board said

New Zealand Cricket Board chief executive David White says the return of the players is being arranged, the New Zealand government decided to end the series on the basis of security alert, the safety of the players is our first priority, in the current situation we have There was an option.

“We think this is a big blow for the PCB,” he said.

It may be recalled that after 18 years, the New Zealand team came to Pakistan to play the series and before the arrival of the team, the New Zealand security team had also expressed satisfaction over the arrangements.

Three ODIs between Pakistan and New Zealand were to be played in Rawalpindi and five T20 matches in Lahore. Remember that before coming to Pakistan, the New Zealand team has played a series in Bangladesh.