KASHMIR : Commenting on political and diplomatic efforts abroad, the head of AJk Diplomatic chapter of the JKLF, Quayyum Raja said “It is necessary to have an independent national narrative at home in order to have an international support for our right to self-determination”.

He referred to consistently extensive political and diplomatic efforts by a veteran JKLF leading figure in America, Raja Muzaffar Khan. He said that Raja Muzaffar had been actively communicating with leading American diplomats and politicians in the USA for decades, which would have been more productive if we had an independent Jammu Kashmir narrative.

Quayyum Raja has claimed that we have now managed to cleanse our movement of external narrative, which will help us to engage with the world directly. The direct engagement is the only way we can be understood abroad properly and expect the world to see things from our eyes, who are actual party to Kashmir Case .

He said America is a leading political power which is expected to play a benign role in the just settlement of protracted Jammu Kashmir Issue.