Writer: Fareed Ahmed Magsi

The backward city of backward province of pakistan is known as SIBI. The city is the hottest in whole Asia and also historical city of balochistan having Tomb of MIR CHAKAR KHAN RIND a forefather of Baloch nation. Sibi is my native city where I born and grew up.

unfortunately, the city is going backward day by day and being fully ignored by the representatives and local administration as I mentioned above that being a hottest city in Asia. The residents of city is facing huge problems like Water crisis, loadshading , poor sverage system but the ignorance of stakeholders is a big problem for native people. Hence, the law and order situation is much better but not satisfactory for everyone. Sibi Need Heed.

Due to intense drinking water crisis , the residents are facing health problems . Being a student of second years I must draw attention of local and provincial government to educational institutions here in sibi. Sibi has just one Boys and one Girls Government collage where teachers aren’t biund to teach students and students also are not interested to take proper classes , although bad education system the people of city are fortunate to have a university here in sibi for higher education.

The peoples of city are suffering from poor health conditions because good health centers are not available for checkups. In season of Moonson rain the flood hits near areas of sibi because of that people of different villages situated surrounding of sibi face a lots of problems because of Raw houses and lack of policies of Balochistan government and administration. I just give a example of recent flood hit which destroyed a lot of houses, animals, became cause of bunch of problems. It’s fact that fund issues for the betterment and development of city but unfortunately, it goes into pockets of administration,l and they are busy to fulfill their pockets and accounts too.

Question is no one is ready to take responsibility for the problems that are being faced by a common man. I must say the responsibility of all problems is upon the shoulders of government of balochistan , local representatives and administrators as well. They should take responsibility and do something for their people otherwise in coming general election which will be held in 2023 they will defeated and will not go again in assemblies. it’s request that sibi needs heed and the stakeholders must pay attention to all problems.