There is hardly a single MUSLIM ruler and a cleric who may not cry for the MUSLIM Unity. Whether it is Palestine , Kashmir or any other political and economic issue, the lack of MUSLIM unity is described as the major cause. Yet, they don’t unite. Instead, they just keep repeating the external causes of their own internal conflicts and contradictions. Let us state what we mean by external and internal causes.

In view of the most Muslim leaders whether they are political or religious, satanic and taghuti forces are behind Muslim disunity and discord. To them, the biggest Satan is America. Yet, instead of uniting themselves to develop and provide with an alternative power to balance an international political power, they have reduced 1.6 billion Muslims with unprecedented natural resources to nothing. It is a psychological fact that anyone blaming others for their failure, can never improve. The Muslims are the second largest community in the world but it can’t defend itself let alone have an impact internationally due to the lack of leadership. Palestine is bombed every now and then and the Muslim rulers can only issue a condemnation. The most Muslim rulers can do is to announce a financial aid. Kashmir is not lucky enough to get even that.

It is not good enough to blame others. No doubt there have always been anti Islamic forces and opposition will always exist but they succeed only due to Muslim leaders’ own discord and incompetencies. Most clerics preach sectarianism and the rulers are despotic or puppet. They have a choice to become a force themselves but because they don’t believe in democracy, they have divided themselves into American and Russian confrontational camps who fight at the expense of vulnerable nations. We have one God , one Prophet and one book. Still, we have sunni, shia and wahabi mosques. It is the imams who don’t let Muslims celebrate Eid on the same day or allow shia, sunni and wahabi pray in the same mosque . i have lived along time in Europe and I know many non Muslim countries are willing to give Muslim students and employees a national holiday on Eid but the Imams don’t agree to a single day to celebration.

Sectarianism is like a timed bomb that may explode any time if the sectarian division continues. We must get rid of our contradictions and unite in actions the way we are united in our belief in one God, one Prophet and one Book.