Mudasir Farooq , The Web Sensation

Mudasir Farooq also known as Koshur Kalakar is a Kashmiri Internet Sensation who is earning applause and praise across Kashmir for his videos.

Mudasir otherwise known as Koshur Kalakar is a man with a brilliant heart is a public figure in Indian administered Kashmir. A famous Kashmiri YouTuber, cinematographer, and content creator. He also won North Kashmir’s best YouTuber award. He is also known for his love towards his people and his spirit of great generosity.

Mudasir Farooq , The Web Sensation "Koshur Kalakar" in Kashmir

This YouTube sensation regularly highlight social, political issues through the content he creates on almost all social media platform

In an interaction with us, Mudasir reveals insight into his youtube journey, his commitment to society, and the recollections of his video equipment.

“I’m not a professional actor, cinematographer, or director. During my school days, I used to take part in Stage shows and as time elapsed, I began making recordings via web-based entertainment stages like Facebook and Youtube regularly. I wanted to act and kept acting” 

An Independent Artist

1993 born 29 – year-old artist comes from a working-class family where finishing school, acquiring higher education, and getting a secure job is the best lifestyle choice. Yet, he decides to make content on social media platforms like Facebook and youtube.

His passion for filmmaking was soo deep after completing school in 2008 he started taking filmmaking and videography session.

in the next few years, he crafted his skills and made his first short film “Empty Chair” in 2013. Later he decided to continue this and start making many other short films on various social issues.

Mudasir began his youtube journey in Dec 2018 since then The popularity of his YouTube channel ‘Koshur Kalakar’ surged so much that today he has become a household name for every Kashmiri and earned lakhs of followers and subscribers on his various social media platforms.

“We attempt to keep all perspectives and awareness of society prior to shooting with the goal that it may not hurt anybody’s sentiment,” says Mudasir Farooq.

He says that they attempt to make space for individuals to escape from the cruel real factors of life.

“The main point is to wipe the tears of depressed people. Nothing is impossible in this world and no obstacle can stop a person from realizing his dreams if one is determined and works hard towards the goal,” 

Apart from the youtube sensation, Mudasir is basically a project manager at a US-based company – Pixopal, a leading photo retouching-as-a-service platform.