Moscow: More than 3.3 million foreigners have been granted legal status in Russia, a presidential decree allowing them to stay in Russia legally was enacted in April 2020.

According to the Russian website, the Russian Interior Ministry said that more than 3.3 million foreigners, including illegal immigrants, have gained legal status in Russia since the outbreak of the global coronavirus.

In April last year, a presidential decree was enacted in Russia to reduce the special needs of immigrants, according to which a large number of foreigners residing in Russia have been given legal status in Russia.

According to Russian media reports, a presidential decree allowing all foreign nationals to stay legally in Russia came into force in April 2020.

The decree provides an opportunity for illegal immigrants to maintain their status and legalize their stay in Russia, a decree passed during travel bans related to the global corona virus epidemic.

It is believed that Russia has extended the travel ban until June 15, 2021 in view of the corona virus