Mahmood Kashmiri Condemned India for trying to Change JK's Demography

LONDON:  The head of London based Jammu Kashmir Independence Alliance . He said the UK Kashmiri Community will continue its efforts to try to prevent India’s undemocratic actions in JK and sooner or later it will regret its decisions.

Mahmood Kashmiri and other alliance leaders attending the meeting urged Pakistan to restore the Jammu Kashmir State Subject Rule in Gilgit-Baltistan. They said the abolition of state subject rule in Gilgit-Baltistan by Pakistan over 40 years back weaken the Jammu Kashmir Case internationally.

“Whenever we approach anyone abroad to support our campaign against Indian design in JK, the well-aware people in the West ask us why KASHMIRIS kept silent when Pakistan did the same thing in 1975”, he added.

They said the world doesn’t rely only on imported rhetoric but its own proper investigations.