600 days have passed since the Indian lockdown in occupied Kashmir, during which Indian forces martyred 323 Kashmiris.

According to the details, the occupying Indian forces have made the occupied valley the largest prison in the world for 600 days. During the Indian lockdown, 323 Kashmiris were martyred and 1,753 Kashmiris were seriously injured in violent operations.

Occupying forces have detained more than 14,000 Kashmiris, including the Hurriyat leader, while more than 1,000 Kashmiris’ houses were damaged after the Indian illegal move.

Meanwhile, the imposition of continuous curfew in the valley has paralyzed the life system and Kashmiris are trapped in their homes. Curfews and sanctions have so far cost the local economy ارب 1 billion and left thousands jobless.

Occupied Kashmir has been under the illegal siege of India since August 5, 2019. The Modi government is trying to make Kashmiris a minority in Kashmir. On the other hand, the people of Occupied Kashmir are waiting for the implementation of UN resolutions.

It may be recalled that the Modi government had issued an order on August 5, 2019 to abolish the special status of Occupied Kashmir, after which Indian citizens and non-Indians are being issued property cards to buy properties in Kashmir.

In a session of the Indian Parliament, the Indian Home Minister introduced a bill to repeal Article 370, under which non-natives would be able to get government jobs in occupied Kashmir.

Later, the President of India signed a bill to repeal Article 370 and abolished the post of Governor and gave powers to the Council of Ministers, after which the special status of Occupied Kashmir came to an end.