Letter Gate: Newly Elected PM Announced in-camera Briefing

ISLAMABAD: Letter Gate issue , Newly elected prime minister of Pakistan Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif announced in-camera briefing in the parliamentary committee of National Security Council. Addressing the house, he said;  

“The people and the members of the house want to know the truth of this letter gate. We had decided several days ago regarding the no-confidence motion. If it is a lie then it should be made public so that this debate can last forever,” he said. After all, as the elected Prime Minister, I ask that a letter be presented to the National Security Committee of Parliament, which includes the Chiefs of the Armed Forces, including the DG ISI, the Foreign Secretary and the Ambassador, without fear. I deny that if there is any evidence that we have been the victim of an external conspiracy or that we have been helped by any external source, I will resign from the PM’s office in a second and go home. Let me arrange a camera session and give a briefing on the letter.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that Allah Almighty has saved Pakistan through the efforts of all the comrades. Today is a great day for the entire nation that the House has shown the way home to the Prime Minister, a product of selected and Jharlo. He spoke of happiness for the people and what will be the example that today the rupee has gone up by 8 rupees against the dollar, it has come back from 190 to 182, it was said that if the dollar goes up by one rupee then the Prime Minister is corrupt, it is 8 rupees. What will be said now if it has gone down, it is an expression of full confidence of the people and the House.

Shahbaz Sharif said that he congratulated the Supreme Court for declaring the violation of the Constitution null and void and buried the ideology of necessity. The letter has not been shown yet and I have not seen the letter. In this regard, there should be milk and water.