For three decades, Pakistan has been celebrating Solidarity Day with Kashmiris on February 5 every year at the official level. This day is an official holiday in Pakistan. Events and exhibition rallies are held in expensive hotels. Kashmir Solidarity Day has no significance in Azad and Jammu Kashmir. If solidarity with Kashmiris should be celebrated, then the day should be chosen on which Maqbool Butt, the founder of Kashmir Liberation Movement, was hanged in Tihar Jail (India) and his remains have not been handed over to Pakistan till date.

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When the struggle started by Maqbool Butt took the form of a national movement, India tried unsuccessfully to crush it. This conspiracy of India became easy when Pakistan-backed groups opened a front against the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front and started hoisting Pakistani flags. This reinforced India’s allegation that this was not Kashmiris’ own freedom movement but Pakistan’s intervention. So far more than one lakh Kashmiris have been martyred. Thousands of political prisoners are imprisoned in Indian jails far from Kashmir. Family meetings have also been made impossible.

Pakistan, which stood for half an hour every Friday to express solidarity with Kashmiris, instead of advocating and embassing Kashmiris at the international level, got busy in the campaign to make Gilgit-Baltistan a province. Jammu Kashmir Council for Human Rights Chairman Dr. Nazir Gilani has submitted three detailed reports to the United Nations Secretary General with all the detailed evidence regarding human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir, which Pakistan has submitted to the International Human Rights Organization. Despite this, it could not be discussed.

Azad Kashmir President Masood Khan’s diplomacy was widely discussed. The only justification for making him president was that he would garner global support for the movement through his diplomatic experience. They failed miserably in their declared mission. The rulers of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir are on visits to America and Europe, but they have been unable to refer to the reports submitted by the Jammu Kashmir Council for Human Rights to the UN Secretary General in any forum.

After all, what is the reason that the strongest international case of Kashmiris could not be raised effectively in any forum and neither political parties and freedom-loving organizations could launch an effective campaign for the release of political prisoners in Indian jails. One of the reasons for this is that all freedom movements, including the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, have been disintegrated. It has been divided into groups supported by Pakistan and India. Due to which the main protagonists of the desire for freedom either left the world or bowed down to Indian atrocities and separated from the movements.

The second major reason is that brave, talented and responsible leadership is not being allowed to grow among Kashmiris. By promoting incompetent people in politics, the path to effective leadership is blocked. This is not a local but a global agenda under which a conspiracy is being made to prolong the conflict. Unless the Kashmiri leadership is allowed to fight its own case then this matter will not be resolved. Despite all the bitter facts, it is also a fact that when a nation decides to unite and struggle, no power in the world can stop it. Therefore, we should not be disappointed, but we should correct our ranks by trusting in Allah Almighty.