Judges Should Be Held Accountable : Nawaz Sharif PC

LONDON: Judges who committed injustices should be held accountable, they will have to be held accountable. PML-N leader and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says that expulsion from the Prime Ministership in false cases, disqualification for life, removal from the party presidency, no judicial decision is revenge, the judges who committed injustices should be held to account, Pakistan. These people will have to be held accountable if it is to be carried forward.

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Talking to the media in London, Nawaz Sharif said that people were making fun of my wife’s illness, when my wife and Maryam’s mother were on their deathbed, we were wronged, I had requested that my wife be sick. The decision should be postponed for a week, I will come to Pakistan after a week, but the NAB judge did not accept my request, don’t these people have a heart in their chest, they decided to go to Pakistan despite all these hardships, Maryam. He said that we are right, there is no need to panic.

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Nawaz Sharif said that when Maryam and I were in Adiala Jail, I got news that Kulsoom Nawaz’s health deteriorated again. I was told that Kulsoom Nawaz is unconscious and in the ICU. Let us talk, the jail superintendent said we cannot talk, we are not allowed. That my Begum has died, you can imagine what must have gone through my heart, he said let us go and inform Maryam, I said no, I will inform myself, I did not understand that Maryam How should I tell, when I told Maryam, the Tsar and Qaar started crying, no one was able to let us see Kulsoom Nawaz for the last time, Kulsoom Nawaz died and we kept getting news in the jail, these are the events that we remember in life. It can never be forgotten, politics has its place, but no one should be oppressed in this way.

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The leader of Muslim League-N said that his actions are coming in front of the nation, one by one Shias are happening, Utron, Utron is being taken on everything, man is cunning, but Allah has his own wisdom. It has been proved that these people wanted to punish us in every way, everything has become clear from the words of Shaukat Siddiqui, they tried to prevent us from coming out before the election, the judge did not punish us, but invited us. If the punishment is not given, then our two years of hard work will be lost, everyone should bow their heads in shame from the words of Judge Arshad Malik, false cases were made, which have no evidence, I was disqualified for life by the Supreme Court, today. It is being said that this is a black law, all these facts should reach the nation, I said there are some national issues which we will never be able to account for in history, someone will have to account for all of them, Maryam Nawaz proved. He said that the case was false and the punishment was wrong. Why did we have to go to jail in false cases? As a Pakistani, I have the right to ask this question.

The former prime minister said that developing Pakistan was stopped from progressing, the prices of essential commodities were within the reach of the people during our time, the motorways and prosperity built during our time were also objected to, prosperity came during our time. And the people got jobs, our efforts for counter-terrorism were appreciated globally, Pakistan became economically stable during our time, our services are in every sphere of life, we defended the country by making it a nuclear power. Made invincible, what has Imran Khan done, to which he says absolutely not, we have convinced the world that the Pakistani nation will not compromise on its honor.

He said that we said good bye to the IMF by stabilizing the country economically, we served the country which no one can do, Imran Khan destroyed Pakistan economically, the country globally. Isolated, Imran Khan damaged relations with neighbors and other countries, the price of essential commodities went beyond the reach of the people during Imran Khan’s regime, the value of the dollar was deliberately increased in Imran Khan’s government.

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