Swat: After 17 years, air operations were resumed at Saidu Sharif Airport in Swat. The first flight carrying tourists reached Swat.

According to the details, after a long wait for the tourists going to Swat Valley, great good news came, Saidu Sharif Airport was opened for flights after 17 years.

The first flight PK650 left Islamabad Airport with 47 passengers. Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar escorted the passengers from the airport.

PIA flight landed at Syed Sharif Airport in Swat from Islamabad. Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar and Murad Saeed also reached Swat by flight.

After which, under the tree planting campaign, Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan planted a tree at Syed Sharif Airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority completed other arrangements including flight rehabilitation and deployment of operational staff.

Keeping in view the tourism vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, PIA flights will depart for Syed Sharif two days a week on Fridays and Mondays.

It is the fourth tourist destination after Skardu, Gilgit and Chitral, for which the national airline conducted its air operations.

It may be recalled that Syed Sharif Airport was closed in 2002 due to terrorism.