KOTLI: JKLF’s Save the State of Jammu Kashmir Peace March led by Sardar Abdul Rauf Kashmiri and his team members Sardar Sabir Kashmiri Advocate, Nasir Sarwar, Razak Khan and student leaders Shahzaib Akhtar, Khan Ilyas and Aslam Malik, has reached Kotli.

Sardar Rauf Kashmiri is one of the founding members of the JKLF who spent 15 years in Indian jail for the National Cause. The marchers set off by foot a week ago from Bimber and planned to reach Muzaffarabad by foot no matter how long it takes.

They say Jammu Kashmir is not just a matter of territory but the future of 20 million people. They are demanding the restoration of the Special Status of Jammu Kashmir abrogated by Modi in August 2015, restoration of State Subject in Gilgit-Baltistan annuled by Pakistan for the final reunification of Indian and Pakistani state of Jammu Kashmir.

They said India and Pakistan have clandestine plan to carve off Jammu Kashmir between themselves and they will do everything in their power to foil such a plan to divide their motherland.

They started their walk from Bimber and covered so far Mir Pur, Chaksawari, Dadyal and reached Kotli last night. It took them a week thus far. The intend to continue walk through the Poonch Sector to reach the destination Muzaffarabad. It is likely to take them another two weeks or so depending on weather and health of the marchers. People have welcomed them in each major town and offered them a moral support for a symbolically peaceful protest.

A senior colleague of the JKLF, Quayyum Raja has paid tribute to the marchers and urge the national media to highlight this symbolic walk. He said people usually resort to violence when their peaceful efforts are not responded positively. Everyone living peace with justice should support struggle through peaceful means.