Khuiratta : The JKLF Khuiratta Convention supervised by a Supreme Council member and Diplomatic head, Quayyum Raja and presided over by Abid Rajorvi has elected its new Tehsil Body. Zonal president Dr. Toqeer Gilani was the chief guest, while other zonal representatives who addressed the convention included Toseef Jarral Advocate, Saad Ansari Advocate, Shakeel Chaudhry Advocate and Females representative Ms Tahira Toqeer. Engineer Adeel Fareed, Waleed Abdullah and Quayyum Janjuah were among the overseas guests. Former student chairman Jaleel Fareed was present as well. The widely and largely attended convention vowed to continue the noble cause until victory. Dr. Toqeer Gilani said that everyone from inside or outside who is against the complete independence of Jammu Kashmir is our national enemy. The JKLF may face difficulties and hurdles but will never compromise its national cause.

Quayyum Raja said he represents the Diplomatic Section and Diplomacy has its own specific rules. Therefore, he would not discuss the details of his diplomatic efforts but would say that our diplomatic success is based on our Independent National Narrative and non sectarian policy. Therefore, we should be absolutely clear on our aims and policies.

The new body includes Abid Rajorvi as president, Iftikhar Butt Vice president, Shakeel Butt General Secretary and Shaukat Mahmood Jarral as Finance Secretary. The program was jointly conducted by Saad Garwal and Shakeel Butt.