The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) vehemently denounces the recent decision by India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) to pursue the death penalty for the imprisoned Party chairman, Yasin Malik. This alarming development represents a flagrant violation of Yasin Malik’s fundamental rights and further exposes the intentions of the current Indian government to misuse its judicial system as a vehicle to further its dangerous agenda.

Recent reports from both Indian and international media outlets have confirmed that a hearing has been scheduled for Monday, 29th May 2023, in Delhi’s High Court regarding the NIA’s motion for the death penalty. It is crucial to note that Yasin Malik had previously received a life imprisonment on 25th May 2022, in a widely contested and politically motivated trial.

This latest development not only disturbs us profoundly but also poses a grave threat to the life of a man who has championed a nonviolent movement, advocating a peaceful resolution of the Jammu Kashmir dispute. Through his unwavering commitment to the struggle for the rights and freedoms of the people of Jammu Kashmir, Yasin Malik has become the most influential and respected figure in the disputed region. He has effectively voiced the aspirations of millions of Kashmiris and enjoys equal reverence from the substantial Kashmiri diaspora communities worldwide.

Disturbingly, mounting evidence suggests that state institutions such as the NIA are being exploited by Mr. Modi’s government to suppress dissent and consolidate power through a far-right agenda. We are gravely concerned that Yasin Malik may be unlawfully executed as a means to bolster Mr. Modi’s prospects in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections in 2024.

In this moment of extreme helplessness, it is vital for the voices of peace and defenders of human rights to unite in support of Yasin Malik and challenge the malicious intentions of Mr. Modi and his government. We urgently implore the international community to take swift and decisive action, exerting pressure on the Indian government to reconsider its latest decision, which could have disastrous ramifications for an already polarized and violent region. The international community has a historically important responsibility concerning Jammu Kashmir and must play its part in preventing a grave injustice against this peace-loving Kashmiri leader.

The United Nations and its human rights sub bodies have a power to prevent injustice against a people seeking their birth right. They are expected to hold India accountable for arrogantly defying the civilised world and ignoring the principles of justice and human rights.

JKLF, the people of Jammu Kashmir, and the Kashmiri diaspora worldwide urgently appeal to the international community for attention and action on this matter. Let us stand together against injustice and safeguard the life and well-being of Yasin Malik.