PALLANDARI :  JKLF announced Declaration of Independence of Jammu Kashmir at its historical convention held at Palandri, an historical town where the first announcement of the Revolutionary Government of Azad Kashmir was made on 4 of October 1947.

People Attending JKLF Convention

The convention was attended by thousands of people from all over Azad Kashmir and addressed by various JKLF and other pro independence leaders. This declaration was read out by a UK based Kashmiri Professor Azmat Khan and shared with RAZ TV by Quayyum Raja.

This convention rejects the Indian-Pakistani mutually agreed referendum at the UN which limits the right to self-determination to accession to one country or the other and we reject their bilateral agreements related to Jammu and Kashmir including the Shimla Agreement, the Tashkent Agreement, and the Delhi Accord of 1975 (Indira) Abdullah Agreement), the Karachi Agreement of 1949 (between Mushtaq Gormani Sardar Ibrahim).

JKLF Leaders Sitting on Stage

“We call for complete independence and restoration of Jammu Kashmir state as one geographical and political entity in accordance with the relevant provisions of the international law that give right to sovereignty and right to self-determination”. JKLF Leaders. “We demand the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the state of Jammu and Kashmir”. They added.

Public Crowed in Convention

Today, we are making a declaration for the independent democratic state of Jammu Kashmir from this platform at Pallandri, on the occasion of the historic JKLF convention. We will offer a signature campaign for consent by our people in accordance with the International law that provides the states and their people the right to determine their own political destiny, and to build a country for the 20 million people of Jammu Kashmir, who have every right to declare independence. As such newly declared independent countries have acquired international recognition and a seat at the United Nations within ten years, we will endeavour to do so too.

Jammu and Kashmir State Name: Independent United Republic of Jammu Kashmir

1- Area and jurisdiction:

The jurisdiction of the Independent Republic of Jammu and Kashmir will cover all the territories that were included before the partition on 14 August 1947.

2- Government System:

The system of government will be democratic and parliamentary.

3. It will be the responsibility of the state to provide all the people of the state with full freedoms and basic human rights including freedom of speech, freedom for political and economic development, protection of life, honour and property, freedom of movement and transit in accordance with the International law.

4- It will be the responsibility of the state to look after people’s basic needs such as education, treatment, employment, business opportunities and guarantee the people of the state to live and practice their religious beliefs.

5. It would be a criminal offense to discriminate against any resident of the state on the basis of language, region, religion, cast, sex or race, and the state would make laws for its compliance.

6- Foreign Policy:

We will adopt the Switzerland model so that the state does not have to bear the burden of defence expenditures. However, in matters of defence, the state will have the right to enter into treaties with neighbouring countries in accordance with events and circumstances. Parliament will have the right to decide the state’s relations with its neighbours and the outside world, including domestic policy, political and economic system for the country. For this purpose both the upper house (Senate) and the lower house of the state will form policy committees to carry out consultations with local and international experts to devise policy recommendations which will be offered to parliament for debate and adoption.

On 4th September, 2021. The draft formulated by Raja Muzafar Khan – USA, Assisted by Azmat A Khan -UK , Approved by Interim Leadership Council of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front.