Islamia University Bahawalpur : Reality of

The Bahawalpur police claim that ‘at least 400 obscene videos and pictures of girls’ have been recovered from the mobile phone of an official of Islamia University, further action will be taken after the forensic report.

Police have so far registered three different cases against three officials of Islamia University for possession of ice. However, the university administration has denied all these allegations, terming them as an ‘organized conspiracy’ and ‘retaliatory action’.

A professor was arrested two months ago on the charge of possessing ice, who was released on bail, while the police have arrested two more officials on the same charge.

What is the truth of this alleged scandal?

Umar Saleem, the spokesperson of the local police, told BBC that the police have recovered at least four obscene videos and pictures from the mobile phone of a senior official of the university, which are believed to be from various officials of the university and are of female students.

The police also claimed to have recovered drugs from the same university official and the police said that the official has been detained and a case has been registered and further investigation is on.

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On the other hand, Bahawalpur Islamia University Legal Adviser Farooq Basheer Advocate calls these allegations of the police as ‘fabricated and false’. He said that the police have not yet been able to show even a video recovered from the phone of the university official in their custody. He says that there is no such thing, the media trial of the university should not be done.

However, according to Umar Salim, spokesperson of Bahawalpur police, all the videos recovered from the university official’s phone have been sent for forensic report and after receiving this report, more provisions will be added to the already filed case.

Police claims to have recovered Sex pills, ice and obscene videos

On the complaint of the police on behalf of Bahawalpur Ulysses, a case has been registered against a senior official of the university under the Narcotics Act.

The plaintiff in the case is sub-inspector Muhammad Afzal Nawaz, according to whom he was performing duties along with some policemen at Baghdad-Jadeed Mor in Bahawalpur, when a white car was signaled to stop by the police, the driver of the car swerved on the wrong side of the road. Tried to turn back quickly from the side.

It is written in the case filed by Sub-Inspector Muhammad Afzal that ‘when the police stopped the vehicle, there was only one person in the vehicle, during the search of which a black wallet and five pills used for sex were found. ‘

The registered case states that during the search of the purse, crystal ice wrapped in transparent wax paper was found weighing 10 grams.

It has also been said in the FIR that ‘two mobile phones were also recovered from the vehicle, which, when examined on the spot, allegedly contained innumerable obscene videos and pictures of women.’

It is claimed in the FIR that the accused, while introducing himself as the Chief Security Officer of Islamia University, admitted that the alleged videos on his phone were of various female students and officials of the university.

It has also been claimed in the FIR that the accused confessed to personal use of crystal ice and sex pills along with their involvement in their sale.

According to the police, all the recovered items including the mobile phone have been sent to the laboratory for forensic report.

Organized mafia plotting against university

Farooq Basheer Advocate is the Legal Adviser of Islamia University. Speaking to the BBC, he described the case as a ‘systematic conspiracy’ against the university.

He said that at this time the number of students in the university has reached 17 thousand which is a record. “The university is currently turning a profit, which makes it seem like an organized mafia is conspiring.”

Farooq Bashir claimed that ‘some time ago a university professor was arrested on the charge of ice and now this incident has come to light.’

Defending the chief security officer of the university and the accused in this case, he said that he has been posted in the university for seven years and there is not a single complaint against him. The police also do not have any criminal record of him.

Farooq Bashir is sending his complaints against Advocate Police in written form to IG Punjab Police and Chief Justice Lahore High Court.

‘Everyone is asking what videos and photos are in mobile’

The conflicting stance of the university and the police has made the matter more confusing instead of solving it. Due to the rumors, a wave of concern has spread among the students of Islamia University.

A student said that after the incident, my parents told me not to go to university. The environment of the university is not good. But I have reached the university after a lot of hard work. He said that many of my friends were not allowed by their parents to come to the university.

Another student said that the whole day in the university was spent in fear and chatter. Different students and staff are talking different things. Someone is saying something. Everyone is asking questions about what videos and photos are there in the mobile and why they were kept in the mobile.

This student said that she does not understand what to say and what to do. But I say that even if it is so, these videos should not be leaked and the accused should be punished in any case.

The police claim to arrest the transport official in the university

The Bahawalpur police also claimed to have arrested a person associated with the transport department at Islamia University Bahawalpur. The lawsuit against the man said he held a senior position at the university and had “implanted eight grams of ice”.

Reacting to this third case registered against the university authorities, the legal adviser of the university, Farooq Basheer Advocate, confirmed the arrest and said that it is not a transport in-charge etc. Now the arrest has been made.’

He has also termed this arrest as a ‘retaliatory action’ by the police.

While, according to Bahawalpur police spokesperson, their organization is making ‘only the future of children safe’ and the police have ‘all the evidence, which will be revealed in time.’

It should be noted that Islamia University Bahawalpur is one of the oldest universities in the country. The university was founded in 1925 as Jamia Abbasia and in 1975 it was renamed as Islamia University Bahawalpur.

Sub-campuses of this university are also present in Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalnagar and Liaquatpur and according to the university spokesperson, a total of 65 thousand students are studying in different campuses and departments of this university.

This university has 148 different departments in which more than five thousand teaching and non-teaching staff are serving.