Why the British-Kashmiri Youths Support Palestine , but not Kashmir Cause? Quayyum Raja

India’s chief aim has always been to consolidate its position in occupied Jammu Kashmir. When situation was not in its favor, India begged the west to try to persuade the pro independence Kashmiri leaders to come to table, but later, India imprisoned all the leadership and the west remained silent. Now, India is trying to suppress its own people who speak their conscience. India’s decision to try its prize winning Novelist, Arundhiti Roy, is a fresh example.

The Modi regime has accused her of remarking in 2010 that Jammu Kashmir was not a part of India. Over 200 indian academic, journalists and human rights activists have written an open letter against Roy’s trial, but the representatives of our people for whom, Arundhati Roy bravely spoke out, haven’t raised their voice for her as yet. The AJK leadership and Kashmiri diaspora are either too slow or too reckless.

In comparison to India, we are not consistent enough. This is why, we haven’t got anywhere as yet despite unprecedented sacrifices of our people. We must change ourselves to change our fate!