Andheri : The wife and daughter of Indian filmmaker and director Santosh Gupta have committed suicide.

A 55-year-old woman and her daughter set themselves on fire in Andheri, a suburb of Mumbai, according to local police.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon and on Wednesday, Mumbai police gave official information about it and said that among the women killed, the mother’s name was Asmita and the daughter’s name was Srishti and the two were identified as Hindi filmmaker Santosh Gupta. He had a wife and a daughter.

Santosh Kumar has directed films like ‘Escape’, ‘Rumi: The Hero’ and ‘Today’s Woman’.

Police said Asmita and Srishti lived in DN Nagar, Andheri and on Monday afternoon, they set themselves on fire in their apartment.

Preliminary inquiries have revealed that Asmita had been suffering from kidney disease for a long time. Disturbed by this, she took a suicidal step. At the same time, Srishti could not bear the trauma of her mother’s illness and she killed herself.