Indian Businessman and Wife Commit Suicide on Facebook Live

Brut : In the Indian city of Brut, a married couple attempted suicide by going live on Facebook, in which the wife was killed while the condition of the husband is critical.

According to Indian media reports, heavy losses in business after the implementation of GST forced the couple to take extreme measures.

In a video shared on social media, Rajiv Tomar, a shoe dealer, was seen eating poison with his wife.

Social media users who watched the horrific suicide scenes live reported the incident to the police. Police rushed to the spot and rushed Rajiv and his wife to the hospital, during which the wife died while the husband’s condition was critical.

In the video, the businessman was seen coming online and consuming poison, after which the man’s wife tried to remove the poison by putting her finger in her husband’s mouth, however, the man can be heard saying that Modi is responsible for his death.

Rajiv said that although I do not say that Modi spoiled everything, but Modi’s attitude towards small businessmen and business people is not right.