ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry, while explaining the reasons behind the cancellation of the tour of New Zealand and England, said that the New Zealand team returned on fake threats, considering the loss, the English Cricket Board will sleep.

According to details, Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry and Federal Minister for Home Affairs Sheikh Rashid held a press conference regarding the postponement of New Zealand tour.

The Federal Minister for Information said that Pakistan is facing Fifth Generation Hybrid War. The press conference is a reminder. Warfare was set up on social media. Tweets were sent from India.

Fawad Chaudhry said that when the Lubbock movement was going on, there was support from India. Those who are in the Lubbock movement will have their beliefs but they are used.

He said that when the tour of New Zealand was being canceled, SC Osmet was going on. At the time of this news, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech was to be delivered. Do not give before

Referring to the fake account, the Federal Minister said that August 19, 2021 is the first date when a fake news comes. A Facebook account has been created in the name of Ehsanullah Ehsan. Article Ishukia, based on a fake post, is now affiliated with Nandan Chief Bureau Chief Sunday Guardian.

Fawad Chaudhry said that the post came on August 19 and the article was published on Hindustan Times on August 21. Now Nandan Mushra’s link is with Amrullah Saleh. It came from Lubbock at, threatening that Martin Guptill would be killed in Pakistan.

Regarding the e-mail, he said that the account from which the e-mail was sent was created at 1:05 pm on August 24. The e-mail was generated at 11:59 am on the same day. On August 24, 2021, Martin Guptill’s wife received the e-mail. Sent by mail, those who understand cyber know they are safe side.

The Information Minister said that despite all the issues, the New Zealand team does not cancel its tour, adding that the New Zealand team arrives in Pakistan on September 11 and the members of the T20 team arrive in Pakistan on September 12.

Fawad Chaudhry said that the Interior Ministry had shared a detailed program of the New Zealand team. On September 13, the team left the hotel with protocol and went to the stadium to practice. Went to practice again the day before.

He said that suddenly the New Zealand team said at 10:30 am that they were canceling the tour on the instructions of the government, the management, agencies went and requested that we be informed of the threats but the New Zealand team management did not know the threats nor did they say anything. The security team could not share anything so ignorant.

The Federal Minister said that when Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech ended, he told him that Prime Minister Imran Khan had contacted the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Fawad Chaudhry further said that after 18 September 2021, a mail was received from Interpol Islamabad. The e-mail came from Hamza Afridi 7899 at Made in India.

He said that there are 13 more IDs on the same device from which the e-mail was sent. They contain 13 out of 13 Hindi names, the names of Indian films have been created and the device from which the e-mail was sent is registered in India. The mobile device was launched in August 2019 in Kwandia.

The Information Minister said that the Home Ministry has registered an FIR on the whole matter, based on FIRs on fake threats emails are contacting Interpol, the West Indies team is coming to Pakistan in December, the West Indies team Has already been threatened.

Fawad Chaudhry said that Hamza Afridi and other e-mail IDs were approaching Interpol. It was a fake threat and everything happened. An ID was created in the name of Ehsanullah Ehsan and an email was sent to West Indies.

He said that how the matter was raised with India after taking notice from ICC and the world, everyone knows how the spelling of names is written in India, the spelling of Ehsanullah Ehsan is also written in Indian style.

The Federal Minister said that the New Zealand government has been asked to share the threats with us, the ICC must take notice of this matter, the New Zealand government should share the threat with us, even if the team is gone but the threat is there.

Referring to the cancellation of England tour, Fawad Chaudhry said that the British advisory on Pakistan has not changed.

He further said that today the FIA ​​has registered a case on this issue, PCB, Foreign Minister and Interior Ministry will speak on their own, I would like to thank all the cricketers including foreigners for standing with Pakistan.

Referring to security, the Information Minister said that security is maintained keeping in view the threat at the important event, local police and administration should be prepared in this regard, especially West Indies cricketers stood with Pakistan, cricket lovers from all over the world. Message sent.

Fawad Chaudhry said that to say that the English players were tired was a tired excuse, they will send notices to the English team after consulting the legal team, all this situation caused a lot of damage to PTV Sports, considering the loss, The cricket board will sleep.

He said that conspiracies have been hatched against Pakistan. Whenever conspiracies were hatched against Pakistan, more and more conspiracies were hatched. In the past, the aim of the Afghan government was to weaken Pakistan.