Imran Khan Disqualified in Tosha Khana Case

Islamabad: The Election Commission disqualified Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan in the Tosha Khana case. A 5-member bench headed by Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja gave a unanimous verdict.

In the decision announced by the Election Commission, it has been said that Imran Khan is no longer a member of the National Assembly, the answer submitted by Imran Khan was not correct, Imran Khan has been involved in corrupt practices, his seat in the National Assembly is declared empty.

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The Election Commission has said in its decision that legal action should be initiated against Imran Khan. The Election Commission has disqualified Chairman PTI Imran Khan under Article 63P of the Constitution.

Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s announcement to challenge the decision in court
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has announced to challenge the Election Commission’s decision in the Tosha Khana case in the Islamabad High Court.

Details of Tosha Khana reference against Imran Khan

According to the reference document, Imran Khan received gifts worth 142 million 42 thousand rupees from Tosha Khana, while gifts worth more than 30 thousand rupees were received by paying.

The document states that Imran Khan paid 3 crore 81 lakh 77 thousand rupees of these gifts and did not pay for gifts worth 8 lakh rupees. By receiving 29 lakh 14 thousand rupees, while Imran Khan got a watch, cuff links, pen, ring by giving 2 crore 27 lakh rupees.

In the reference document, the original value of the watch acquired by Imran Khan is 85 million rupees, the actual value of the cuff links is 56 lakh rupees, the original value of the pen is 15 lakh rupees and the original value of the ring is 87 lakh rupees.

According to the document, Imran Khan gave Rs 2 lakh 94 thousand for a watch worth Rs 15 lakh, perfumes worth Rs 17 lakh, watches, iPhone and suit for Rs 3 lakh 38 thousand, wood boxes, perfume bottles, Tasbih 2 Obtained by paying 1 lakh 40 thousand rupees.

Imran Khan bought a watch worth 19 lakh rupees for 9 lakh 35 thousand rupees, a diamond pendant worth 1 million rupees, a band, a ring and a gold bracelet worth 5 lakh 44 thousand rupees, a watch worth 49 lakh rupees, cuff links and a ring for 24 lakh rupees.

The Election Commission had reserved the Tosha Khana case decision on September 19.

Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf had sent a Tosha Khana reference against Imran Khan to the Election Commission on the request of the members of the National Assembly in August, requesting his disqualification.

In the reference, it was said that Imran Khan did not detail the gifts taken from Tosha Khana and the money earned from the sale of these gifts in his assets.

In the reply submitted by Imran Khan to the Election Commission, it was said that the Tosha Khana reference against me is unjustified and baseless, the reference is malicious and a case has been made for political purposes, the Tosha Khana reference is an illegal exercise of powers. Use and abuse of constitutional rights.

Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf said that sending the reference to the Election Commission is illegal, the reference is under the jurisdiction of the Election Commission and cannot be heard there, Tosha Khana never hid the gifts in the assets, I reject all the allegations.

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