Brahmins Fall From Power ! Ajay Shukla

By: Ajay Shukla

Five states in the Country have sounded the election bugle and the largest State of the country, which is the political driving force of the country and which has been given a new direction by the Charge de affairs of Congress Party in UP Priyanka Gandhi, General Secretary whereby she is not criticizing anyone but guarantees rights and discourses are to empower women and their rights are demanded as is the suitable jobs for the youth and larger good of the society is discussed rising above caste and religion. Discussions are held to improve industrial infrastructure as is to rehabilitate the exploited downtrodden and to fulfill the present-day requirements. Under Priyanka’s leadership the positive face of Congress’s religio policy is discussed. And issues of protecting women and dalits from crimes are raised as is the day-to-day problems faced by the common man are raised.

And whereas their adversaries discuss religions/castes and hatred. Apart from Congress, the development model of the other parties is centered around specific castes and religions and they cannot project any substantial policy to provide jobs to youth and such parties finish off their politics in blame game. Due to the increasing cases of Covid-19, She decided to cancel all political rallies. This is a good example for all, because there can be no election higher than the life of the citizens.

Priyanka Gandhi never shirks from raising questions, she says “that UP Government is spending thousands of crores on publicity but has failed to provide fertilizers to farmers. I have met such families whose headman dies standing in queues waiting for delivery of fertilizers.” It is clear from her statement that her politics is not confined to air-conditioned rooms or stage, she descends on roads and tours the roads, streets and fields and reaches out to meet women in villages and fields and she fights and takes stand on public issues and she does not carry politics of fear. Resultantly leaders of ruling dispensation as well as of the opposition have to figure on her pitch.

She does not flinch to target Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. She claims that this Government works for a selected few industrialists and while providing proofs she referred to Goa where the government is preparing such infrastructure for coal business of an industrialist Adani, which actually belongs to its public. Priyanka questions Modi that why BJP instead of reciting 70 years proclaims what it has achieved in 7 years. And despite this she does not embroil herself in blame games. She discusses her guarantees and the benefits arising out of the same. Such politics was not been witnessed by the opposition since the last 35 years in UP. Opposition politics was confined to polarization on caste and religion but Priyanka Gandhi has changed it radically.

We are witnessing polarization in these elections and gradually the election is being divided in two parts. BJP never wanted such a scenario as it was not in its interest. BJP leaders want a multi cornered election i.e., segmented in many parts and corners. In such a scenario the votes would split up. The division of votes enabled BJP to storm to power by getting 37% votes whereas 62% votes were polled against it. Splitting of votes renders it easy to contest the elections for BJP and this is the reason why it is playing divide and rule instead of innovative politics.

Understanding this predicament Samajwadi Party has adopted the collusive political strategy but its strategy is religion and caste based and that is why Akhilesh time and again mentions Jinnah and Yadavs. On the other the star campaigners of BJP whether it is Prime Minister Modi or Home Minister Amit Shah or the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath are engrossed in discussing Jinnah and Ganna (Sugarcane). Instead of counting their achievements they are busy targeting a particular family and mount personal attacks. History may treat Mohammad Ali Jinnah in its wake but BJP and SP are working hard to keep this name rocking in the UP Political arena so that political advantage may be gained.

Under Prikanka’s leadership, Congress is seen according equal respect to Mandir, Masjid, Gurudwaras, Churches and archeological sites and there is a dialogue in their meetings not simply a one-way address and they share the present-day realities and their experience. It raises public issues which are important and effect public life. It discusses issues relating to Dalits, unemployment, inflation, law and order, education and women rights which effects a common man and this is the reason that there is a dialogue as well as discussion in their meetings. Now the public views Priyanka as a serious leader and she discusses her family in her dialogues.

I believe that there may not be immediate benefits of this strategic politics but in case her politics keeps steaming in this direction then it’s for sure that a day would come when the public would demand them as their leader. Now illiterates are not required in politics, it’s the question of the future of the youths as is the issue for the protection of the rights and safety of our daughters. Progressive people do not desire for a particular religion or caste-based politics. The radical Hindutava image which is opposed to the core values of Hinduism stands rejected by the majority.

People repose faith in their religion but they do require a sweet communal amity and, in such a scenario, innovative politics is required instead of destructive and hate spreading politics. Love all should be the motto which is the need and demand of the hour. People need employment and not snatchers. Poeople need respectful and gainful employment and not alms of free rations. Farmers need fair price of their produce and not donations and Children and youths need love not hatred.

Jai Hind
(Writer is the Group Editor of Indian Newspaper Daily World )