GENEVA: A joint study by the World Health Organization and China’s Corona virus has revealed that the virus could be transmitted from bats to humans, possibly through other animals.

Research has shown that there is a strong possibility that the virus has not been transmitted from any lab.

In a report received by the Associated Press on Monday, researchers have identified four possibilities that led to the emergence of SARS. The first on the list is that the virus could be transmitted from another animal.

The report said the virus could be transmitted from bats to humans and from “cold chain” foods, but the chances were slim. The closest type of virus that caused the corona virus has been found in bats.

However, the report states that the evolutionary distance between the virus that grows in bats and the stork-co-to is estimated to be several decades.

A similar virus has been found in pangolins, and mink and cats can also be infected, which means the virus can be transmitted from these animals.

According to the Associated Press, the results of the study were expected and many questions remain unanswered.

But the report cites reasons for the team’s findings, with researchers offering more research on the virus than just spreading it from the lab.

The release of the report has been delayed several times, raising questions about whether China is trying to change the results so that it is not blamed for the epidemic.

A World Health Organization official said last week that he expects the report to be ready in the next few days.

The draft is the final version of the report received by the Associated Press from the WHO member state’s ambassador to Geneva.

It is unclear whether the report is likely to be revised before it is released. The reporting ambassador declined to be identified because he was not allowed to release the report before it was published.