For the beginning of a new life, the mother keeps the child in her womb for 9 full months. In these 9 months, she goes through all the difficulties and pain herself but avoids any issues of any kind with the baby developing inside her womb. And when you are finally born, out from your mother’s womb into the world, your father cares for you. Your father cares for you as you grow older. Mother and father both, love their child unconditionally.

In today’s modern time as also ancient times, whether the baby born is a girl or a boy, both get equal love and attention in the beginning from their parents.

With so much science and modernisation what has not changed completely is the parents vision. Parents have different expectations and visions for their son and daughter. Daughter is subject to more obligations and scrutiny. Daughter has no right to claim her mother’s house as her own because her parents had been preparing for her departure, since the moment she was born. They look after her and provide for her education, so that she can fit in a good house as per them in the society. Her own parents act as her protectors until she is old enough to be returned to her rightful owner. Father always keeps their daughters safe from strangers, but one day he happily sends her with a stranger to a foreign land. And this concept of giving ownership of your daughter to a stranger who according to you is the best owner but may or may not be in actual right fit is termed as Arrange Marriage.

Most Daughters view their fathers as her hero, her best friend, still I don’t understand why he cannot understand his daughter and her heart. Why daughters are made to sacrifice their careers for a man which is arranged by their families that they don’t even like? Are daughters not humans? Or are they just objects that needs to be handed over to a stable owner of her parents’ choice. Why does she remain confined to the lovely cage even if the world appears to be so lovely, refusing to fly and experience the world as it truly is? Why is a parent so afraid of his own daughter that he does not have faith in her? of what is a father so terrified of? Losing his daughter! But he would inevitably lose her one day. Okay, since he intends to complete the task on his own, it appears to be totally OK in his eyes, in the name of love and caring, desires are disregarded. Is it true, or perhaps it’s just nature’s brutal truth.

Or is it losing the status he holds because other caste marriages are still not liked much in the society. Time has changed, generations have changed but the society is still somewhere stuck in the past, not changing.

Son, on the other hand, is set free from confinement. Nobody placed obligations and obstacles in his path. He is unrestricted in what he can do. His parents view his desire as being highly essential, but they adopt a different perspective when it comes to their daughter. Daughters are not allowed to have high aspirations since they would be useless once they have to support their own families. Are girls only for raising some other families and kids. Why can’t people understand that a girl today is capable of great. She can run a house and a company both equally well and with efficiency. But they still will be overlooked. Even if a son excludes his parents from his own life, they will still feel a stronger connection to him. Parents do not love their children equally.

Despite all of this attachment, parents are unable to comprehend it correctly. They justify their viewpoints on old conditioning, forgetting to see their own loopholes of their thinking patterns. Parents in India basically, view their kids- mainly boys as a resource or investment for the future. They disregard the desires of their children and attempt to impose their own dreams on them. A child grows up like a plastic toy, with all of their needs and wants being met only to satisfy their parents own dreams and aspirations in the future.

Why is it so challenging to communicate our emotions to our own parents? Why is it so tough to tell our parents of what we dream and love? Even if the children say so, will they be understood correctly? Surely No in most cases.