Lahore (Rana Ali Zohaib):  The TLP has started preparation to launch countrywide protest against the arrest. The party has already launched a campaign on social media in this regard.

Senior TLP leader Pir Eijaz Ashrafi has confirmed the news saying that the TLP chief was arrested when he arrived to offer prayer at Rehmatullil Aalameen mosque in Iqbal Town.

In a statement, Saad had warned that “His party workers would march towards Islamabad, if the government did not accept their demand of expelling the French ambassador in protest against the blasphemy incident in France”.

Traffic on Multan Road in Lahore was blocked due to protests at other places including Chohang while police shelled the Chowk Orphanage to disperse the protesters.

In Lahore, traffic has also been blocked near Shanghai Bridge on Saginaw Bridge, Shahdara and Ferozepur Roads.

In Multan, due to the protest at Bahawalpur Bypass Chowk, traffic was jammed and queues of vehicles formed.

The people are facing severe distress due to the protests. On the other hand, traffic flow in Orangi Town No. 4 and Baldia No. 4, Hub River Road, Liaquatabad, Korangi is also affected.

Adjacent roads including II Chandragar Road, MA Jinnah Road are severely congested and long queues of vehicles have formed from the tower to the Governor’s House. Traffic flow at Star Gate has also been affected, while protests and traffic jams on various highways have caused difficulties for commuters.

Protests are going on in Bhara Kahu in the federal capital Islamabad due to which Athal Chowk has been closed while citizens are facing difficulties due to closure of Athal Chowk.

On the other hand, sit-ins and protests by religious organizations are also going on in different cities of the country due to which traffic has been jammed on major highways and long queues of vehicles have formed.