ISLAMABAD: The federal government has decided to ban Tahreek-e-Labbaik.

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid while addressing a press conference said that the decision to ban Tahreek-e-Labbaik was taken under the Anti-Terrorism Act and the Punjab government has recommended banning the organization. We are sending a summary of the ban to the cabinet.

Sheikh Rashid said that the ban was being imposed not because of the political situation but because of the role of Tahreek-e-Labbaik. He said that he had never supported the party and had never met Khadim Hussain.

The Federal Home Minister said that our efforts to persuade him failed, he wanted to come to Faizabad, we wanted to present the resolution in the assembly by consensus, we had great efforts but he wanted to come to Faizabad anyway, this The draft wanted all Europeans to go back.

“We did not, they made the strategy and we stood by the agreement we made,” he added.

The Home Minister said that a rifle was snatched from the police in Islamabad and firing was carried out. The FIRs against them were registered under the law.