ISLAMABAD: Electricity prices are likely to be reduced in the wake of the March fuel price adjustment.

The hearing in NEPRA has been completed to reduce the March fuel price adjustment in the price of electricity, and the unit price of electricity is likely to be reduced by 63 to 68 paise.

According to NEPRA, the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) had requested a reduction of 61 paisa per unit in the price of electricity, but the authority, after listening to all stakeholders, reduced the price from 63 paisa to 68 paisa per unit. The authority will issue a detailed decision after examining all the data.

According to the Central Power Purchasing Agency, 19.42 per cent of electricity was generated from water in March, 30.50 per cent from coal, 2.62 per cent from furnace oil, 11.56 per cent from domestic gas, 21.11 per cent from imported LNG and 10.49 per cent from nuclear sources. Percentage of electricity generated, the cost of electricity generated from nuclear sources was Rs. 1 2 paise per unit.