There are many such incidents in life, in which a person is overwhelmed by emotions and the veins start bursting with anger. The heart wants to take revenge immediately, as much as possible, to show the superiority and charisma of the enemy in such a way that the enemy forces will be defeated forever, it is possible to get peace of mind and heart and get rid of various dangers. But no decision based on emotions is allowed, on all such occasions where a person is usually uncontrollable, to control oneself, to act rationally and to think and reflect on events detached from events try to It is very important to pay attention to this today.

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Instead of anger and provocation, the painful actions of the envious and enemies should be dealt with with patience, tolerance and tolerance. That human relations and mutual relations established between people should be established on such strong and stable foundations that subjugate man’s intellect, his heart and his entire life. Because human relationships affect many individual and collective and internal and external aspects of human life. In other words, these relationships have the characteristic that they create such an atmosphere of affection, love and sincerity that people absorb their feelings, thoughts and ideas, in short, all tendencies and inclinations are absorbed into each other and they are colored in each other’s color.

The virtue of controlling emotions and patience and abundance of reward is also based on the fact that in it a person has to go through a different path of testing. Sometimes you have to accept the deprivation of benefits, sometimes you have to commit yourself to something without external compulsion. Somewhere one has to bear one’s disrespect. Sometimes you have to leave more and settle for less, sometimes you have to stop your hands and feet while having power. Sometimes you have to agree to bury your popularity, sometimes you have to leave the path of fame and reception and adopt the method of anonymity, sometimes you have to close your language while having a vocabulary, sometimes knowingly the burden of others. One has to take it upon one’s head, one has to involve one’s self in such a work in which no credit will be given, one has to force oneself to work against the self by crushing the self on all these occasions this is the secret by which man’s journey always continues upwards, he never stumbles and never has to suffer severe disappointment; But emotions and anger always harm a person, there is no benefit in it. The secret of a person’s success and elevation is to make wise decisions on highly emotional occasions.

There is a need for restraint and patience in individual life; But its importance increases even more in collective spaces, where people of different minds and dispositions are involved, obviously not all minds can be discounted while considering a decision or memorandum. In this, some will agree and some will oppose, while living together, many unfavorable things also happen. Rather, one has to go through a thousand test paths step by step, if patience and discipline are not taken, it will be difficult to participate in public places even for a day. In this way, social organizations and institutions will be damaged; But his life itself will be destroyed and ineffective, despite his thousand talents, his knowledge and skills will be useless and unsuccessful.

Therefore, to improve your personality, get rid of problems and live a happy life, it is necessary to keep emotions under control. Therefore, it is necessary to work with patience in all areas of life, the master should forgive the faults and mistakes of his servant and if the master is angry for a while, the servant should also bear it, a father with his son and A son should deal with his father in good manners, discord between husband and wife is a natural thing; But try to make life happy by removing it with mutual patience. Therefore, patience and endurance are the main factors for a peaceful and successful life. One of the main reasons for our depression is that we are temporarily swept away in the flow of emotions, which affects the far-sightedness and does not remain in the mood for thinking. There is a strong need to adopt these aspects especially in the current situation.