Fractures: Rule of Law Challenges in the Global Drug War Event at UNCND

VIENNA: Fractures: Rule of Law Challenges in the Global Drug War event at the 66th session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs”was held at UNITED NATIONS IN VIENNA, AUSTRIA (CONFERENCE ROOM M6). In which representatives of various organizations from around the world participated.

Moderator of this event was، DAVID BORDEN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, DRCNET FOUNDATION AKA STOPTHEDRUGWAR.ORG. He first thanked the audience for coming to this event today and he did the moderator duties very well. Speakers who addressed the occasion included, FATHER ALBERT ALEJO, FACULTY, PONTIFICAL GREGORIAN UNIVERSITY, Md. Ashrafuzzaman PROGRAMME COORDINATOR, ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION and (VIA ZOOM) NATALIA KUBESCH, LEGAL OFFICER, REDRESS.

RSVP VIA FB Responsibility of Marizel Rojas handled the communication to the people on Facebook and the live management of the event. First, the guest speaker from Italy FATHER ALBERT ALEJO, explained how work is being done to prevent drug addiction in the Philippines and how many people are lying there in its addiction and intoxication.

He further said that this is a scourge that we all have to work together to stop. Because of this many people have passed away from this world and have been killed. He further said that many people are admitted in hospitals who are addicted to this drug. We all should give a message to the world and cleanse the world from addiction.

The other speakers Md. Ashrafuzzaman belonged to Bangladesh and had come from Hong Kong especially for this conference. He condemned in very strong terms the involvement of many people in Bangladesh, especially the big hands involved in the drug trade. He said that I am very sorry that people are involved in drug trafficking in Bangladesh and it is time for the government to put a stop to it. They are doing these things and should be stopped so that the people can save their lives easily.

Moreover, they said that the big hands are so powerful that they do not bow down to anyone. You may find my truth bitter, but what is true is true, I speak the truth and we all should come together as one voice to get rid of this curse. The third speaker, NATALIA KUBESCH said in a special address on Zoom. First of all I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to this event today and listening to me. For a long time, efforts are being made to stop this drug around the world. Sometimes I feel that this mafia is the strongest among us, which suppresses our voice.

We have been advocating for this for a long time because humanity comes first, the way our speakers talked about the Philippines and Bangladesh where the drug laws are in place and how many people are out of the world because of it. I am very sorry but we are all here and our voice is going around the world, I hope we can eradicate this drug from the world. My condolences to the families of those around the world who have passed away from this addiction.

Today is still time for us to become one voice and send a message to the world that let’s get rid of drugs from the world together. At the end, the series of questions started, which were answered by the speaker’s in an excellent manners. Finally, Moderator of this event, DAVID BORDEN، thanks to everyone for coming to this event today.