Paris : The plane made an emergency landing in the French capital, Paris, due to a technical glitch in an Israeli airline flight from Tel Aviv to Mexico, the second Boeing 787 to make an emergency landing in 30 hours.

According to aviation sources, Israel’s national airline LL Israel Air Flight LY 3041 was en route from Tel Aviv to the Mexican city of Cancun when an emergency signal was received in the cockpit of the plane 2 hours 44 minutes after takeoff. At an altitude of 36,000 feet above the city of Lyon in French airspace, the pilot suddenly alerted the control tower to a technical emergency on board.

At the direction of the control tower, the pilot landed the plane at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, but after a three-hour inspection, the defect was rectified and the plane was sent to its destination.

Aviation sources said that the second Boeing 9-787 Dreamliner series aircraft has faced an emergency in the last 30 hours.

The same Boeing 787 series aircraft was used for the flight of the Japanese airline from the Japanese capital Tokyo to Frankfurt yesterday, which had to make an emergency landing in Russia.