Melbourne: There are countless benefits to green leafy vegetables and now it is known that if you want to increase and strengthen your muscles, start eating green leafy vegetables regularly.

Scientists at Edith Cowan University (ECU) have presented their survey research in a report published in the Journal of Nutrition. Green leafy vegetables are high in nitrates, which especially strengthen lower torso muscles.

We know that muscle weakness not only makes it difficult to walk, but can also increase the incidence of falls and bone fractures.

The Melbourne-based Bakerheart and Diabetes Institute studied 3,759 people for 12 years. The study found that people with higher nitrate levels had 11 percent stronger muscles than others and could walk 4 percent faster than others.

Thus we can say that diet can play an important role in improving human health. This way the muscles can be strengthened without any exercise. Now if you exercise or lift weights with green leaves, it can have more benefits. According to scientists, older people need to increase their diet of green leafy foods, including spinach, lettuce and beets.

But green leafy vegetables can also be very good for the heart as they keep the small and big blood vessels smooth and calm.